The tarot reading for the Full Moon is in the video above and below I’ve highlighted some of the planetary players that may affect the Full Moon as well.

This Full Moon is the second full moon in the month of October, which makes it a Blue Moon. But some the significance is lost as it doesn’t occur in the same sun sign as the previous Full Moon. That won’t happen until August 21, 2021.

The full moon on October 1 was the Harvest Moon, the one on Halloween will be the Hunter’s moon, which is all about stocking up on food for the winter. This is also a “minimoon” which is the full moon which is the farthest away from the earth (the opposite of the supermoon).

If you enjoy reading tarot for yourself, you should check out this tarot spread for the Full Moon.

Full Moon in Taurus

This Full Moon may have us approaching our feelings with a more realistic viewpoint as it is in Taurus. We’re feeling more comfortable sharing our feelings with others as well. Concentration is at a high and you are getting things done systematically (a.k.a the right way).

Venus in Libra

Not only with the Moon in Taurus, but with Venus in Libra, you might be feeling a want for the creature comforts and be willing to shell out some extra cash for them. Especially when it comes to things that have to do with dating and romance. You find yourself wanting to be “wined and dined” when it comes to your love life. Yeah, sex is great, but you have to feel the connection first. You may find yourself dismissing people who are a little too crude, too rough around the edges for the next month or so. 

Mercury in Libra

Mercury is also hanging out in Libra which means that you might find yourself trying to find the perfect balance in everything, especially how you look. Your outfit must be on point- shoes matching the purse and the lipstick kinda thing (at least I think that’s what you’re supposed to do?) You might be feeling indecisive, making a lot of lists of pros and cons, but never committing 100% to a decision. And it’s still in retrograde, so beware of making some bigger decisions as well.

And lastly, all of this is happening when the Sun is in Scorpio. Scorpio is the opposite sign of Taurus, so there may be some challenges with how you want to express your feelings (or not). You may be finding it difficult to release and let go of things that are no longer serving you, even though you know that you should.

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