The Full Moon is a time of powerful feminine energy. A time when the light of the moon is illuminating the earth and showing us what is being hidden. The moonlight is nourishing and strong. The strong gravitational pull that the moon has on the earth right now makes it a great time to embody what you have been wanting.

Full Moon Tarot Spread


1. Where are you currently? What are your feeling, moods etc?

2. What needs to be seen that is not seen?

3. What energy needs to be released?

4. What energy do you need to bring into yourself?

5. What adjustments should you make to meet your intentions?

Use this spread to see where you are at and what intentions that you should set for this upcoming month. The Full Moon is a great time to see where you are at with the intentions that you set with the New Moon and make any adjustments that need to be made.

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