November Tarot Reading

Fae Monthly Astrology Outlook

Mercury will leave retrograde on November 3rd and go direct, making us feel like things are moving again. But more importantly, like things are coming back into balance. You might have been feeling a little out of whack for the past few weeks during the retrograde. On the 10th, Mercury moves into Scorpio, making us want to ask the deeper questions and keep probing until we get an answer. One that is truthful and the honest to god truth. Half truths and all other forms of sugar coating aren’t going to fly. Beware of quick tempers for the rest of the month that will come with a lot of sarcasm.

Mars will be leaving its retrograde on the 13th, giving us a lot more energy and a boost of self confidence. Don’t let all of the self confidence go to your head and make you a bit too blunt and tactless.

Your emotions may feel like they’re going int overdrive right before the holidays when Venus moves into Scorpio on November 21st. The intensity that you are feeling with is felt by everyone. Make sure you are aware of this at the dinner table on Thanksgiving, to avoid hurting feelings or being hurt.

On a more personal note, Venus is really intensifying things in the bedroom. Things are feeling more passionate and demonstrative. There is also a possessiveness that showing up. Wanting to have your lover body and soul may not go over too well with them, but they may be feeling the same of you.

Sagittarius Season Starts November 21

The Sun will move into optimistic Sagittarius on November 21st. You. may begin finding yourself being more open to new ideas and thriving on challenges. One thing you’re not going to be tolerating is being held back. There is going to be a need for freedom with Sagittarius that won’t be denied. You need to be able to explore things that interest you at your own pace, on your own time.

We are going to be ending the month with a Full Moon in Gemini leaving us feeling a bit more intellectually stimulated. You may find yourself wanting to get lost in thought more often. All this thinking can make you restless to get out and be adventurous. Combine this

Full Moon in Gemini with a Lunar Eclipse (or a “Blood Moon”) on the 30th at 4:30am EST will leave us feeling forced to release what we logically know is no longer good for us. Something may come up that could force you to have to release something in order to move forward.

Longer Standing Cosmic Energies

Saturn has been in Capricorn since July 1, 2020 and has us feeling unapologetically ambitious. But as Capricorn is where Saturn is the most comfortable, we may find ourselves facing many obstacles that force us to grow, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We feel dedicated to our ambitions, so no matter what the obstacle, we’re going to stick it out. Probably doing something the hardest way possible (AND not taking any advice!).

Jupiter moved into Capricorn as well on December 3, 2019. Capricorn is a down to earth sign, and with Jupiter’s expansive abilities in this sign, you might be feeling secure enough to start your own business. Jupiter brings dedication and hard work to the conservative sign of Capricorn. If starting a biz for yourself isn’t your thing, you may still feel this impact when it comes to your own personal finances. You may know when it is time to be frugal and pinch those pennies and when you can splurge on a large purchase.

In March 2019, Uranus moved into Taurus giving us a lot of willpower and determination to get shit done. You’re feeling the need to build things, and to achieve. You might find yourself wanting to collect something- which can be out of the ordinary for you.

Back in February of 2012, Neptune moved into the watery sign of Pisces where it will stay until March 30, 2025. This will give us 14 years of creativity and spirituality. The search for the deeper meaning of life will continue and there will be a boost for those with psychic abilities. There is a need to go deep within ourselves and develop a new philosophy based on what we find.

Pluto has been hanging out in Capricorn since September 2008. This makes us feel even more responsible than we already do. Our work ethic may be feeling an increased focus as well.

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